Miyuki seeds bracelet


Small bracelet made of Miyuki seed beads in opaque vermillion red color, closed with a sliding knot and small 925 silver beads.

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Creation of the Miyuki opaque vermillion red beads bracelet 3 rows :

We make this little Miyuki opaque vermillion red 3 rows beads bracelet in square stitch ourselves. Therefore, we just use a needle and a loom. The beads, with this method, are then all aligned, one above the other. Weaving is done row by row. But depending on the model, a bracelet can also be woven in brick stitch. Based on this fact, the beads are staggered and are grafted one by one.

Beaded jewelry has been around since time immemorial for both men and women ; they cross it without ever going out of fashion ; that’s why they are timeless !

Description :

Clean, refined, our little bracelets all mix and accessorize your outfits. They are delivered to you in a pretty little silver pouch.

They consist of very small, high quality Japanese beads, regular, which sparkle at the slightest movement, and are suitable for all wrists thanks to their sliding knot.
In addition, we place small 925 silver beads at the end of the braids for a flawless finish.

Why are you sure to find the jewel of your dreams :

You will find among all our models, for sure, the bracelet of your dreams, the one that shines just as we like, the one, very light that does not interfere. It will even slip easily and beautifully among yours, to sublimate your wrists ! You will be seduced by the extent of our choice : many colors, opaque, shiny, transparent, matte, pearly or even iridescent beads, but also several different designs in each of the colors, so that you have the greatest choice !

You will also notice that they resist well over time. Most of our customers wear them permanently, whatever their activity, and never take them off. Delighted, they are already thinking about their next color ! In short ! Addictive ?

Finally, know that we take the greatest care in the realization of our creations.

Materials :

  • Miyuki seed beads
  • 925 silver beads

Main color :

  • opaque vermillion red

Additional information

Weight 1,3 g
Dimensions 0,5 cm





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