Our story

We are happy to come and expand the family of creators of handcrafted pearl jewelry.

Find out who is behind these Creators of handcrafted pearl jewelry

Now more than twenty years ago, my partner and I decided to move to the south-east of France. We had already had the opportunity to go before in the Gulf of St Tropez and its surroundings.

Of course, we were attracted by the sun almost all year round. But also by the luxuriant vegetation, omnipresent in this region. It is therefore quite natural that we landed in this place, more precisely in a small village called “La Croix Valmer”.

We already had a non-sedentary activity, which is a real choice for us. So our job was to resell finished products on the markets. But our desire to create with our hands, occupied more and more our mind.

Ten years ago, decided, we embark on the Miyuki pearl jewelry creation.

We quickly became addicted to these pretty little Japanese pearls. Then we worked every day to be able to offer you on our site, a wide choice of products.

And today, we have the joy, the immense pleasure, of being able to exercise our activity with passion : Creators of handcrafted pearl jewelry.