Privacy Policy

Last updated on 05/16/2021

Use of personal data collected collects personal data on customers visiting the site through plugins.

Below are specified when these collections are made, what are the purposes, the data collected as well as the obligatory nature or not of the user’s response.

WooCommerce uses the WooCommerce plugin allowing the establishment of a store on its site.

During your visit, we follow :

  • Products you’ve viewed : we use them to, for example, display products you’ve recently viewed
  • Location, IP address and browser type : we use them to estimate taxes and shipping costs

When you buy from our website, we will ask you to provide information including :

  • First name (Required)
  • Name (Required)
  • Company name (optional)
  • Country / Region (Required)
  • Street number and name (Required)
  • Postal code (Required)
  • City (Required)
  • Phone (Required)
  • Email address (Required)
  • Order Note (Optional)
  • Payment data / Credit card

and possibly account data such as username and password if you are not already logged in to your account.

This information will be used for:

  • Sending information about your account and order
  • Respond to requests, including refunds and complaints
  • Payment processing and fraud prevention
  • Configure your account for our store
  • Comply with any legal obligation, such as calculating taxes
  • Improve our store’s offers
  • Send you marketing messages, if you choose to receive them

In the event of a failure to respond, the finalization of the order cannot take place.

If at the time of ordering, you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one.
You will then be asked for the following information:

  • Email Address (Required)
  • Password required)

In the event of a lack of response from the user, the creation of the account will not succeed, which will make it impossible to place an order.

We also store comments or reviews, if you choose to send them. Only customers will be able to leave a review on the products purchased.

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual will use cookies to decrypt shopping cart information when languages ​​are used in domains and to transfer data between domains.

WooCommerce Multilingual will also use cookies to identify the language and currency of each customer order as well as the currency of reports created by WooCommerce. WooCommerce Multilingual extends these reports by adding currency information to them.

WPML uses WPML, a plugin allowing to offer a translation of the pages of the site in several languages.

WPML uses cookies to identify the visitor’s current language, the language last viewed and the language of users who have logged in.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

While you are visiting our site, we will be tracking :

  • Products you’ve added to the wishlist : we’ll use it to show you and other users your favorite products
  • Wishlists you created: we track the wishlists you create and make them visible to store staff

We will also use cookies to keep track of the contents of the picklist while you browse our site.

Data recipient

The data collected is intended exclusively for the use of which is responsible for processing. The persons required to consult this data are as follows :

  • Nathalie LAPRE as shop manager
  • Paco COUTAUD as administrator

The access rights to this data are reviewed regularly by the administrator.

Legal basis for data processing

Data processing is permitted after the user’s consent. This consent is acquired when the user validates his request by pressing a button (example: Register) and after having been informed of the confidentiality policy set up by


When you leave a comment on our site, the data entered in the comment form, as well as your IP address and the user agent of your browser are collected to help us detect unwanted comments.

Medias does not allow users of its site to upload files. This functionality is reserved for store managers and administrators.


A form allowing users of the site to contact is made available.
When using this form, collects the following data.

  • First name (Required)
  • Email Address (Required)
  • Message (Required)

The fact that the user does not provide this information will have the effect of preventing the user from contacting through the form.

Cookies uses the use of cookies. The user has the possibility to accept all cookies, to choose which ones he wishes to accept or to accept only the cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the site. This choice is offered during the user’s first visit to the site. Every 12 months, the user will be informed that he must give his consent again. In the event that the user wishes to modify his preferences in terms of cookies, he has the possibility of deleting the cookies concerning via his browser. In this case, a new consent will be requested on his next visit to the site.

The user is informed about the cookies used and their purpose when giving their consent.

Statistics and audience measurements uses the Google Analytics tool to obtain statistics on the use of the site and audience measurements. The user has the possibility to refuse to participate by refusing the cookie associated with Google Analytics. In the event that the cookie is accepted by the user, it understands that data is shared with this service in accordance with their privacy policy.

Use and transmission of your personal data

Regarding customers


During the validation of the order and if the means of payment chosen by the customer is the bank card then certain personal data of the customer will be shared with Stripe, one of the payment solutions set up by To find out what information is shared with this service, see their privacy policy. By using the payment method by credit card, you understand that some of your information is shared for the purpose of the banking transaction to take place.

Regarding translation managers

WPML Media Translation

WPML Media File Translation will send the email address and name of each assigned manager and translator as well as the actual content to the Advanced Translation Editor and the translation services used.

WPML Translation Management

WPML Translation Management will send the email address and name of each assigned manager and translator as well as the content itself to the Advanced Translation Editor and the translation services used.

WPML String Translation

WPML String Translation will send all strings to the WPML Advanced Translation Editor and the translation services used.

How long is your data stored

Inactive accounts and their associated data are automatically deleted after three years.

Les préférences de cookies sont supprimées au bout de 12 mois, un nouveau consentement est demandé à l’utilisateur si il visite le site de nouveau.

When requesting access or deletion of personal data via the form, undertakes to honor this request as soon as possible and within 1 month at the latest.

Order information is automatically deleted after 10 years.

The rights you have over your data

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, the user has the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning him.

To make an access or deletion request, the user must use the following form.
To make a rectification or modification, the user has the possibility of making it directly on the “My account” page.

Transmission of your personal data does not transmit any personal data outside the European Union. does not transmit any personal data outside the European Union.

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How we protect your data makes every effort to protect personal data. Connections to the site use the latest exchange security protocols, namely TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 coupled with the latest cryptographic suites. is also protected by a set of firewalls that filter out legitimate connections and deny others.

Physical and software access to servers are strictly controlled and reserved for administrators only.

Procedures implemented in the event of a data breach

In the event of a data leak, will inform the CNIL within 72 hours, providing the necessary information.